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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild 28

We are happy to announce version 28 of osbuild. This time with a large set of fixes and minor additions to the different stages bundled with osbuild. Furthermore, Fedora 35 is now supported as host system.

Below you can find the official changelog from the osbuild-28 sources. All users are recommended to upgrade!

  • Add a new option to the org.osbuild.qemu assembler that controls the qcow2 format version (qcow2_compat).

  • Add history entries to the layers of OCI archives produced by the org.osbuild.oci-archive stage. This fixes push failures to

  • Include only a specific, limited set of xattrs in OCI archives produced by the org.osbuild.oci-archive stage. This is specifically meant to exclude SELinux-related attributes (security.selinux) which are sometimes added even when invoking tar with the --no-selinux option.

  • The package metadata for the org.osbuild.rpm stage is now sorted by package name, to provide a stable sorting of the array independent of the rpm output.

  • Add a new runner for Fedora 35 (org.osbuild.fedora35) which is currently a symlink to the Fedora 30 runner.

  • The org.osbuild.ostree input now uses ostree-output as temporary directory and its description got fixed to reflect that it does indeed support pipeline and source inputs.

  • devcontainer: Include more packages needed for the Python extension and various tools to ease debugging and development in general. Preserve the fish history across container rebuilds.

  • Stage tests are writing the prodcued metadata to /tmp so the actual data can be inspected in case there is a deviation.

  • CI: Start running images tests against 8.4 and execute image_tests directly from osbuild-composer-tests. Base CI images have been updated to Fedora 33.

Contributions from: Achilleas Koutsou, Alexander Todorov, Christian Kellner, David Rheinsberg

— Berlin, 2021-04-08

Written by David Rheinsberg, on April 9, 2021.