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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Second release of koji-osbuild

We are happy to announce the second release of koji-osbuild, the project to integrate osbuild-composer with koji. This is a bugfix release to fix issues uncovered after its first deployment.

Below you can find the official changelog from koji-osbuild-2. All users are recommended to upgrade!

  • Fix the logic in the builder plugin that checks that all requested architectures for a requested build are indeed supported by the build tag. The existing check had its operands mixed up.

  • Fix the spec file so that the builder package now depends on python3-jsonschema.

  • Adapt the CI for a podman package change: previously the podman-plugins package, which contains the dnsname plugin, was automatically pulled in on Fedora. This changed recently which in turn broke our Fedora integration test. Explicitly install podman-plugins.

  • CI: Integrate codespell spell-checking.

  • Small fixes for the

Contributions from: Christian Kellner, Tomas Kopecek

— Berlin, 2020-11-03

Written by Christian Kellner, on November 4, 2020.