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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

First release of koji-osbuild

We are happy to announce the first release of koji-osbuild, a new project to integrate osbuild-composer with koji, the build and tracking system primarily used by the Fedora Project and Red Hat.

Below you can find the official changelog from the koji-osbuild-1 sources, which contains more details about the project and a description of its individual components.

  • Initial implementation of three plugins for the koji hub, the builder and command line client, which allows images and other OS artifacts to be built in composer via koji.

  • The command line client gained an osbuild-image sub-command that is very similar to image-build. It internally uses the new hub plugin to make a XML-RPC call, osbuildImage to request the building of a new image or artifact.

  • The hub plugin adds the osbuildImage XML-RPC method, verifies the parameters and then creates a new task of type osbuildImage.

  • The builder plugin does most of the work by adding a handler for osbuildImage tasks. It will use the new koji API of osbuild-composer version 21 to request a compose and wait until it is done. After a successful build the result will be tagged into the destination tag of the build target.

  • An integration test suite was added to CI that checks the end-to-end building of a cloud image on RHEL and Fedora.

  • Unit tests currently cover around 92% of the plugins.

  • Detailed instructions on how to run a local test setup are included in

Contributions from: Christian Kellner, Lars Karlitski & Tom Gundersen

— Berlin, 2020-09-30

Written by Christian Kellner, on October 7, 2020.