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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild-composer 16

We are happy to announce that we released osbuild-composer 16 yesterday. This release has no new features but contains a lot of useful fixes.

Below you can find the official change log. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!

  • osbuild-composer now obsoletes lorax-composer on RHEL.

  • An upload failure (e.g. due to invalid credentials) now causes the compose to appear as failed.

  • RHEL 8 repositories are switched to the beta ones to allow composer to be tested on 8.3 Beta. This will be reverted when GA comes.

  • OSTree images no longer contains /etc/fstab. The filesystem layout is determined by the installer and thus it doesn’t make any sense to include it.

  • If both group and user customizations were used, the user would be created before the group, causing a build to fail. This is now fixed.

  • Composer now correctly passes UID and GID to org.osbuild.{users,groups} stages as ints instead of strings.

  • The subpackages (worker, tests and rcm) now require a matching version of osbuild-composer to be installed. Previously, they would be happy with just an arbitrary one.

  • Support for testing OpenStack images in actual OpenStack is now available. Note that upload to OpenStack is still not available for the end users (it’s on the roadmap though).

  • Worker now logs not only job failures but also job successes.

  • All DNF errors were mistakenly tagged as RepoError, this is now fixed.

  • As always, a lot of test and CI improvements are included in this release.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Christian Kellner, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-06-29

Written by Ondřej Budai, on June 30, 2020.