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Release of osbuild-composer 14

Osbuild-composer 13 had numerous new exciting features but unfortunately, several annoying bugs slipped into that release too. To address all these issues, yesterday our team decided to roll-out an off-schedule bug-fix release. Say hi to osbuild-composer 14.

The most important news is: AWS upload support got several fixes making it more stable and the internal store can now handle manifests with a no longer supported schema. Also, we dropped support for i686 architecture. Building images for it was never supported and we now no longer provide i686 RPMs.

See the full changelog below.

  • AWS uploads doesn’t anymore report to AWS that composer uploads the image in vhdx format. This surprisingly makes the upload process more stable.

  • Uploads were always in WAITING state. This is now fixed.

  • The /projects/source/* routes now correctly supports all the features of Weldr API v1.

  • AWS upload now logs the progress to journal. Even better logging is hopefully coming soon.

  • AWS upload’s status is now correctly set to FAILED when ImportSnapshot fails. Before, this hanged the upload indefinitely.

  • Store unmarshalling is now safer in some cases. For example, stored manifests are now longer checked when loaded from disk. Therefore, changing of manifest schema doesn’t lead to crashes when old manifests are present in the store.

  • When store loading failed in non-verbose mode of osbuild-composer, it crashed the process because of nil logger. This is now fixed.

  • The upstream spec file for building osbuild-composer package now excludes the i686 architecture. Note that composer never supported this arch.

  • The upstream spec file now correctly specifies the composer’s dependency to osbuild-ostree. This was forgotten in the previous release which introduced Fedora IoT support.

  • The previous version didn’t have repositories defined for s390x and ppc64le architectures. This is now fixed. Note that this only fixes some codepaths, osbuild-composer still cannot build any images on these architectures.

Contributions from: Brian C. Lane, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Stef Walter, Tom Gundersen

— Liberec, 2020-06-03

Written by Ondřej Budai, on June 4, 2020.