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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of cockpit-composer 19

We are happy to announce version 19 of cockpit-composer, again one of our regular biweekly releases. There are no major features in this release but upgrading is encouraged.

Below you can find the official change log, compiled by Jacob Kozol. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!

  • Minor UI improvements for the images list view and the images dropdown

  • Fixes to the password tests

  • Prepartion for future osbuild-tree support

  • Minor NPM updates for react

  • Minor translation updates

Contributions from: Jenn Giardino, Matej Marusak, Stef Walter, Tom Gundersen, Xiaofeng Wang

  • Berlin, 2020-06-03
Written by Jacob Kozol, on June 4, 2020.