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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild 15

We are happy to announce version 15 of osbuild. A handful of new features and, as usual, lots of bugfixes all over.

Below you can find the official changelog from the osbuild-15 sources. All users are recommended to upgrade!

  • A new assembler, org.osbuild.oci-archive, that will turn a tree into an Open Container Initiative Image compliant archive. These archives can be used to run containers via e.g. podman.

  • Support for client side certificates to download content from the Red Hat servers: the org.osbuild.files source got support for reading entitlements and pass those certificates along when fetching content, i.e. RPMs.

  • A new ManifestPreProcessor (MPP) was added as a new tool located in tools/ Currently, it can take an existing manifest and dep-solve packages specified via a new mpp-depsolve option in existing org.osbuild.rpm stages. This is now used to generate Fedora 32 based test pipelines.

  • The org.osbuild.ostree.commit assembler gained an option to produce a tarball archive instead of emitting the plain OSTree repository.

  • Schema validation is now done with the draft 4 validator, and works therefore with pyhthon-jsonschema 2.6.

  • The tree_id and output_id fields got dropped from the resulting JSON when inspecting pipelines via osbuild --inspect.

  • The --build-env option has been dropped from the command line interface. It was deprecated and not used anymore.

  • Tests have been converted to not rely on tree_id and output_id anymore, as they are deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • Lots of other improvements to the test infrastructure and the CI.

  • And finally for something meta: this file has been re-formatted to be proper markdown.

Contributions from: Christian Kellner, David Rheinsberg, Jacob Kozol, Major Hayden

— Berlin, 2020-05-20

Written by David Rheinsberg, on May 29, 2020.