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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild-composer 12

Today, we released version 12 of osbuild-composer. This time, there are no major features. However, you are still encouraged to upgrade because the new version contains a lot of fixes and refactorings making the tool more stable.

Below you can find the official change log, compiled by Ondřej Budai. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!

  • In previous versions support for running remote workers was broken. This is now fixed and running remote workers is once again possible. See #568 for more information.

  • The job queue and the store are now two separate Go packages. One of the benefits is that it is now possible to build images without using the store which is too complicated for some usecases.

  • A blueprint name is now checked against the regex “^[a-zA-Z0-9._-]+$”. This is the same limitation as in lorax-composer.

  • All osbuild calls now use the new –output-directory argument. This change is a must because the old way of retrieving images from the osbuild store will soon be deprecated.

  • Some routes from the weldr API are now implemented in a more efficient way.

  • As always, the team worked hard on improving the tests and the CI.

Contributions from: Brian C. Lane, David Rheinsberg, Jiri Kortus, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Ondřej Budai

  • Liberec, 2020-05-13
Written by Ondřej Budai, on May 14, 2020.