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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild 14

Last week, we released version 14 of osbuild. It is a regular release with a handful of new features, as well as a bunch of fixes. The major new feature is support for input-validation via JSON-schemata, as well as the --inspect command-line option to get more information about manifests without running the pipeline engine.

This release is one week early, but we intend to continue bi-weekly releases. However, from now on osbuild and its dependents (including osbuild-composer) will release alternatingly.

Below you can find the official changelog from the osbuild-14 sources. Go forth and fetch it while it is hot!

  • Schema validation: The osbuild python library gained support for retrieving the metadata of modules and schema validation. This is being used on each invocation of osbuild in order to validate the manifest. Should the validation fail the build is aborted and validation errors are returned, either in human readable form or in JSON, if --json was specified.

  • A --inspect command line option was added for osbuild. Instead of attempting to build the pipeline, the manifest will be printed to stdout in JSON form, including all the calulcated identifiers of stages, the assembler and the tree_id and output_id of the pipeline (and build pipelines). Schema validation will be done and errors will be reported.

  • Internally, the buildroot class now uses PYTHONPATH to point to the osbuild module instead of the symlinks or bind-mounts in the individual modules.

  • Fixes to the CI and many cleanups to the schemata, sample and test pipelines as a result of the schema validation work.

Contributions from: Christian Kellner, David Rheinsberg, Ondřej Budai

  • Berlin, 2020-05-06
Written by David Rheinsberg, on May 12, 2020.