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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild-composer 10

We are happy to announce version 10 of osbuild-composer, again one of our regular biweekly releases. This release contains mostly bug fixes and internal refactorings. We’ve also landed more integration tests and increased unit test coverage.

Below you can find the official change log, compiled by Ondřej Budai. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!

  • The correct metadata_expire value is now passed to dnf. In the past, this led to a lot of failed builds, because dnf has the default expire time set to 48 hours, whereas the Fedora updates repos have the expire time of 6 hours.

  • A decision was made that the minimal Go version required for building the project is 1.12. This is now enforced by the CI.

  • The intermediate s3 object is now deleted after the upload to AWS is finished. It has no value for users.

  • The upload to AWS has now a bigger timeout. The current coronavirus situation is affecting the AWS responsiveness in a negative way.

  • The weldr API has better test coverage. In the process, several bugs in sources and composes were fixed.

  • Worker and jobqueue packages are receiving a big refactoring. This is the prerequisite for having multiple job queues for building images for different distributions and architectures.

  • The image tests now boot the AWS images in the actual EC2.

Contributions from: Alexander Todorov, Brian C. Lane, Jacob Kozol, Jakub Rusz, Lars Karlitski, Major Hayden, Martin Sehnoutka, Ondřej Budai, Tom Gundersen

  • Liberec, 2020-04-15
Written by Lars Karlitski, on April 15, 2020.