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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts

Release of osbuild-composer 8

We are happy to announce version 8 of osbuild-composer, again one of our regular biweekly releases.

The biggest change is that we now use the org.osbuild.rpm stages, rather than org.osbuild.dnf. This makes the dependency resolution of package installations a lot simpler and cleaner. This should not have any user visible effects, other than reduced build-times and slightly different pipeline output.

Below you can find the official change log. Everyone is encouraged to upgrade!


  • All generated pipelines now use the rpm stage rather than the dnf stage.

  • The state directory can be now set using STATE_DIRECTORY env variable.

  • Several fixes in blueprint weldr API.

  • Mising systemd scriplets were added to the spec file.

Written by David Rheinsberg, on March 18, 2020.