Uploading a container image to a registry

osbuild-composer can upload a container image, like the RHEL for edge container, to a registry directly after it has been built.

In order to do so, the container reference and an upload configuration file need to be specified when building a container artifact:

$ sudo composer-cli compose start BLUEPRINT container REFERENCE CONFIG.toml

where BLUEPRINT is the name for the container and REFERENCE the reference to the container image, like registry.example.com/image:tag. If :tag is omitted, :latest is the default. The CONFIG.toml file must include provider = "container". Other values are optional.

provider = "container" # required

tls_verify = false     # optional, TLS verification, default: true
username = "USERNAME"  # optional, username to use
password = "PASSWORD"  # optional, password to use

Instead of specifying username and password directly, a central containers-auth.json(5) file can be used, see Container registry credentials.