Uploading an image to OCI

osbuild-composer provides the users with a convenient way to upload images directly to OCI right after the image is built. See Managing Custom Images in OCI documentation (includes permissions details).

Now, you are ready to upload your first image to OCI. Using a text editor of your choice, create a configuration file with the following content:

provider = "oci"

user = "OCI_CLI_USER"
tenancy = "OCI_CLI_TENANCY"
fingerprint = "OCI_CLI_FINGERPRINT"
region = "OCI_CLI_REGION"
bucket = "OCI_BUCKET"
namespace = "OCI_NAMESPACE"
compartment = "OCI_COMPARTMENT"
private_key = '''

There are several considerations when filling values in this file:

  • OCI_BUCKET must be in the OCI_REGION and must exist before the upload

Once everything is configured, you can trigger a compose as usual with additional image name and cloud provider profile:

$ sudo composer-cli compose start BLUEPRINT_NAME oci IMAGE_KEY oci-config.toml

where IMAGE_KEY will be the name of your new OCI image once uploaded.