Uploading an image to Microsoft Azure

osbuild-composer builds images and delivers them to Microsoft Azure automatically. These images are ready to use with virtual machines in the Azure cloud.

Initial setup

Before you can upload images to Azure with osbuild-composer, your account needs some initial setup. Be sure to complete these steps

  • Create a resource group
  • Create a storage account inside the resource group
  • Create a storage container within the storage account
  • Gather your access keys

For a detailed walkthrough on each step within the Azure portal, review the Build RHEL images for Azure with Image Builder post on the Red Hat Blog.

Make a note of the following items during the setup so you can provide them to osbuild-composer during the build process:

  • the name of your storage account
  • the name of the storage container inside your storage account
  • the access key for your storage account


Push a blueprint containing your image configuration and create a new file called azure.toml that contains the information about your Azure storage account:

provider = "azure"

storageAccount = "your storage account name"
storageAccessKey = "storage access key you copied in the Azure portal"
container = "your storage container name"

Build and deploy the image to Azure:

composer-cli compose start my_blueprint vhd my_image_key azure.toml

In this example my_blueprint is the name of the blueprint containing your image configuration. Replace my_image_key with the preferred image name you want to see in Azure. This is the name that appears inside your storage container.