Uploading an image to an AWS S3 Bucket

osbuild-composer provides the users with a convenient way to upload images, of all sorts, directly to an AWS S3 bucket right after the image is built.

Using a text editor of your choice, create a configuration file with the following content:

provider = "aws.s3"

secretAccessKey = "AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY"
bucket = "AWS_BUCKET"
region = "AWS_REGION"
key = "OBJECT_KEY"

There are several considerations when filling values in this file:

  • AWS_BUCKET must be in the AWS_REGION

If your authentication method requires you to also specify a session token, you can put it in the settings section of the configuration file in a field named sessionToken.

Once everything is configured, you can trigger a compose as usual with additional image name and cloud provider profile:

$ sudo composer-cli compose start base-image-with-tmux qcow2 IMAGE_KEY aws-s3-config.toml