AMIAmazon Machine Image (image type)
BlueprintDefinition of customizations in the image
ComposeRequest from the user that produces one or more images. Images in a single compose are, in theory, the same, but for different platforms, such as Azure or AWS. In practice they are slightly different because every cloud platform requires a different package set and system configuration. osbuild-composer running the Weldr API can only create one image at a time, so one compose maps directly to one image build. It can map to multiple image builds when used with other APIs, such as the Koji API.
Composer APIHTTP API meant as publicly accessible (over TCP). It was created specifically for osbuild-composer and does not support some Weldr features like blueprint management, but adds new features like building different distros and architectures.
GCPGoogle Cloud Platform
Image BuildOne request from osbuild-composer to osbuild-worker. Its result is a single image.
Image TypeImage file format usually associated with a specific use case. For example: AMI for AWS, qcow2 for OpenStack, etc.
ManifestInput for the osbuild tool. It should be a precise definition of an image. See for more information.
osbuildLow-level tool for building images. Not meant for end-user usage.
osbuild-composerHTTP service for building OS images.
OSTreeBase technology for immutable OS images: Fedora IoT and RHEL Edge
Repository overridesosbuild-composer uses its own set of repository definitions. In case a user wants to use custom repositories, "overrides" can be created in /etc/osbuild-composer
Weldr APILocal HTTP API used for communication between composer-cli/cockpit-composer and osbuild-composer. It comes from the lorax-composer project.