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Build-Pipelines for Operating System Artifacts


OSBuild consists of many different projects, each serving a particular purpose. This site tries to list all available documentation, tutorials, and resources available for the different osbuild projects:

Image Builder

Image Builder is the product name around OSBuild. It consists of different user interfaces for OSBuild Composer. In most cases, the documentation of the respective user interface is the best source of help. Furthermore, the documentation of OSBuild Composer (see below) will provide insights into the internals of the image building tools.


OSBuild Composer is a project providing system services to build operating system images based on pre-defined, well-tested blueprints. The services provide OpenAPI-compatible interfaces, as well as integration with common user interfaces for linux systems including Cockpit.


The osbuild project is the heart of OSBuild. It defines a pipeline description to build arbitrary operating system images out of many small and self-contained stages. Furthermore, it provides an execution engine that will consume a pipeline description, execute the pipeline, and provide the resulting image back to the user. The osbuild interfaces are meant to be used by machines, not humans. Therefore, access to osbuild resources should only be required if you plan to develop new osbuild frontends, debug osbuild failures on your own, or contribute to the osbuild development.